Pipe Preparation

We are manufacturers of speciality pipe cutting and bevelling blades for the cutting and preparation of tubes and pipework. So, whether your company operates within the oil and petrochemical industry, gas industry, water supply or brewing, we have products to meet your needs.

Our products are used in many industries

As each application has it's own requirements, our products are many and varied, making it difficult to list our entire range. However, some of our more frequently requested products include saw blades for...

  • Oil and water well pipe perforating circular saws
  • Pipe preparation circular saws
  • Speciality circular saws for special applications

Whatever the product, there are features they all have in common:  high quality materials, manufactured with precision engineering, and backed by the professional service and wealth of experience that we provide.

We supply saw blades to fit virtually all leading brands of orbital pipe preparation machines, including George Fischer, Orbitalum, E.H. Wachs, Axxair, CIA, Lefon and more. Our products offer excellent value too, as feedback from our customers confirms that our saw blades have a superb cost/performance ratio, even when compared to the 'original fit' components.

We're located in Yorkshire, England and have a constantly expanding customer base, not just within the U.K. but also internationally. So all enquiries, whether internal or for export, are very welcome.

We currently have over 35,000 pieces in stock, so even if what you're looking for isn't mentioned above then please call us, as we may well have exactly what you need.

To request a brochure, make an enquiry, or place an order, please ring our Sales Hotline:  +44  (0)1484  860333

View some short videos about the way we manufacture our saw blades and circular knives (in English)...

Saw Blades

Circular Knives

Over 35,000 pieces in stock
A choice of products and materials to suit your application
We supply saw blades to fit virtually all leading brands of saw